Have a question about how much money you can afford?

This page provides answers to some of your most frequently asked questions about our application process


How can I apply?

Easy, like a piece of cake. Simple click on this link and you should be able to start your on-line application in minutes.


Is my information safe on your on-line application page?

Yes indeed, any informations entered on our application page is 100% secure. We work with the best companies in the security industry. You can double check by looking at that green lock box next to the address bar on our application page. Or check the images below showing our security system on our application page.


Can I apply in person?

Of course, however our loan officers are only available by appointment. Please use the contact form to request an appointment and one of our loan officer will reach out to you within 24h to schedule a time for you to stop at our office. The best and fastest option is to start your application on-line.


How long it takes to know if I’m approve or not?

You can get an answer within 24h. We can get you Pre-approve the same day.


Why should i work with your company?

We are local, good at what we do and can get you approve in less than 24h. Compare to your traditional Mortgage companies, we are a Mortgage Broker company, which mean we work with many lenders and can shop around for the best rate in the market. You need a mortgage company that involves you in the process every step of the way. During your loan process we keep you updated of every phase in your loan. You will never be in the dark as to where the loan is at and how much longer your loan will take to be approved. With all the changes in the home lenders market going on, We have the most streamline approval process which we constantly tweak to get you approved fast. We want you to feel so happy with your experience with us, that if a friend asked you who you trusted to finance a home, you would think of us. Depending on your situation, location of interest, and financial status, you might be eligible for one of many first time home buyer programs. Let us review your situation to see if you apply for one of these mortgage assistance programs. Just Apply on-line in minutes.


My credit is not that good, do you think i can get approve?

At 303homefinancing, we believe everyone deserve a dream home. Your credit doesn’t have to be the reason why you can’t get a loan. Some lenders are ok with a credit less than perfect or average. Each lender has its own credit requirement and you may be surprise to find that you can get approve despite your credit status. Working with many lenders give us the opportunity to find a more flexible lender that can approve you base on your credit report. We also have the best tools in the market to guide you on how to improve your credit score so you can get that approval. We do care about you enough to be on your side from start to finish. We do not judge, instead we are here to listen and help you.


I filed for Bankruptcy, had some accounts in collections, foreclosed my last house, can i still get approved?

You don’t have anything to lose, so let’s just try and see what we can do for you.


Can i add a co-applicant?

Yes, you can.


I don’t have a real estate agent, can you help me find one?

We work with most of the best Realtors in Colorado. You do not need to start your home shopping alone. You can trust our qualified Real Estate Brokers. Once you get approve, they will be ready to help you find your dream house. They are highly trained Realtors. Finding the perfect house can take forever if you don’t have a good Realtor. Our team of Realtors understand your needs and will help you with your search. They are very good at listening and will also help with all your closing documents once under-contract. Finding the right house is what they do. They is no fees for you to use this service. Whether you get your loan from us or not, our team of Realtor can still help you find your dream house. They are the best in the market and have enough experiences to help you find your dream house. Feel free to contact us to set up an appointment. One of our brokers will contact you ASAP. They will treat you right. Trust us, You won’t regret it.


Can I still apply if i have a bad credit?

At 303HomeFinancing, we understand not everyone has perfect credit. Things happen in life that can affect your credit score. However, it should not be the reason to stop you from getting your dream home. Credit issues? We work with the best lenders in the market. Whether you had a recent Bankruptcy, some accounts in collection, a past Foreclosure, a few late payment, we got you covered. It will not be a problem for us. We have helped people with similar situations. We can do the same for you. Most of our lenders can get you approve with no minimum credit score. If for any reasons you need to fix something on your credit, other Lenders will denied your application without telling you the real reason or without guiding you on how to fix the issue. At 303homefinancing, we are here from start to finish. We do not see you as a number, instead as a person needing help getting his/her dream home. All you have to do is apply and you will be amaze at what we can do for you. Let us help you! You will be glad you did.


Are your rates competitive?

Everyone wants to be treated fairly when financing a home. At 303homefinancing, our policy is to be 100% transparent and honest when presenting you with the best home loan options for your situation. We don’t hide any fees or costs associated with your mortgage from you. This allows you to choose the best loan without worries. We work with the best lenders in the industry to make sure you can get approve fast while getting the lowest rate possible. We clearly understand how stressful it can be to find a loan. Customer service is our number 1 priority. Making you happy is our goals. Apply now to check our lowest rate in the market. One thing you can be sure we will not give up until we can get you approve. Our network is big enough to find a lender that can help you pay for that house. We want to make your shopping experience as easy as possible. You can seat home, relax, drink a coffee and let us do the hard job. That’s what we do.



I’m not ready to apply and pull my credit, how can i get more info?

It easy, just send us an email or use our submission form and one of our loan officers will be happy to reach out to you.


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